Ryan Gosling is facing criticism for his role as Ken in the upcoming movie “Barbie.” Some people think that at 42 years old, he is too old to portray the forever young plastic character.

They point out his wrinkles and say he looks old and dried up. Some even suggest that other actors like Henry Cavill or Chris Evans would have been better choices.

In response, Gosling spoke up in an interview with GQ. He said that if people don’t want to play with his version of Ken, there are plenty of other Kens to choose from.

He found it surprising that suddenly everyone was so concerned about the character that was traditionally in the background. He believes that people didn’t care about Ken before and that their sudden interest is hypocritical.

He thinks Ken’s story deserves to be told.

Despite his comments, Gosling feels a connection to Ken and jokingly says he takes care of him now. He sees himself as Ken’s representative and even accepts awards on his behalf.

He believes he is the perfect fit for the role and is proud to play Ken. Earlier, Gosling revealed a heartfelt reason why he initially agreed to take on the role.