What a 50 yearold Heidi sees only a young husband! would you fall in love with her after that?

What a 50 yearold Heidi sees only a young husband! would you fall in love with her after that?

One of the most famous and influential models in the world, Heidi Klum began her career before leaving school, in 1992, and by the end of the 90s she gained immense popularity.

Heidi became one of the leading models of Victoria’s Secret, repeatedly appeared on the covers of glossy magazines such as Sports illustrated, Elle and Vogue, was a judge on various entertainment shows, wrote 3 books and even starred in several films and series.

It seems that because of such vigorous activity it is impossible to find time for a personal life, but Heidi easily managed to go on dates, meet guys and even start a family.

Klum was married 3 times, from the second marriage the model has 4 children. Heidi met her third and current husband, Tom Kaulitz, back in 2018 on the set of the German Next Top Model program.

Their relationship developed very quickly, and already in the summer of 2019, the lovers sealed their love by marriage.

Many fans criticized Heidi for this choice, because she is 16 years older than her chosen one. People did not believe that this relationship would last, but Heidi and Tom proved that the age of love is not a hindrance.

They spend a lot of time together, attend various events, travel and go for walks. In addition, Kaulitz has an excellent relationship with the Klum children.

One of her daughters even got the same tattoo as her stepfather. It seems that the couple managed to create the perfect family, but they still receive a lot of hate in their direction.

More recently, new photos of Heidi and Tom from their next walk appeared on the network. The couple went shopping, shopping and looked very happy. In one of the photos, Tom can be seen hugging his wife as they laugh together. But even such innocent shots people reacted negatively.

It’s all about the image of Heidi, which many did not like. For a walk with her husband, she chose a blue suit with patterns. Under the oversized jacket, Klum put on a blue shirt, and complemented the image with a blue bag and white sneakers.

The 50-year-old star did not make up, and did not comb her hair or even dry it.

Netizens accused Heidi of choosing a terrible outfit that looks more like pajamas. Due to the wind, the girl’s hair looked tangled, and the whole image seemed sloppy to people.

According to fans, the model should always dress with taste and take care of herself, especially when her husband is almost 20 years younger.

“And what did he find in her?”, “The most unstylish look of the year!”, “I wouldn’t wear this at home,” there are quite a lot of such comments. But Tom, judging by the photo, likes his wife in this form

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What a 50 yearold Heidi sees only a young husband! would you fall in love with her after that?
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