Why do we need such details? absolutely nаked Brit shocked fans

Why do we need such details? absolutely nаked Brit shocked fans

40-year-old Britney Spears (Britney Spears) again showed her body. This time, the lover of spicy shots has surpassed even herself.

The Toxic hit singer recently suffered a miscarriage. The singer became pregnant by her fiancé Sam Asghari, but lost the baby. Despite the pain, Britney continued to share her candid shots with fans.

Today, the artist appeared completely nаked. She posed after a shower, covering her breasts with her hands and masking the most intimate place with a scarlet heart emoji. “Not the same photo. This is a photo with a scarlet heart,” Britney said flirtatiously.

However, not everyone shared her enthusiasm. Many assured that it was time for the singer to stop and stop undressing on camera. “Already too much, how can I unsee it?”,

“Soon she will completely stop being shy”, “Britney, how much can you already? Enough!”, “The body is beautiful, well done. But why do we need to see it in such detail?” — netizens write.

Britney also admitted that she was going to attend the Met Gala. However, she still changed her mind for the reason that she hates flights. The artist chose to stay at home, take a bath and change into pajamas.

Britney Spears intends to win the trial against her father. However, recently Jamie Spears, her former guardian, refused to testify.

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