How the buttоcks of 39 yearold Gisele look without photoshop

How the buttоcks of 39 yearold Gisele look without photoshop

In glossy magazines, top models are always perfect, but what about real life?

Stars rarely manage to relax away from the crowd and idle paparazzi. So Gisele Bündchen, who is now in Costa Rica, could not completely protect herself from cameras.

True, it turned out that the top models have absolutely nothing to hide. The body of 39-year-old Giselle looks no worse than that of her young colleagues.

Moreover, some even fall short of Giselle in terms of perfection. Since the photographers captured Bündchen from all possible angles, we can state that she has practically no flaws.

Gisele Bündchen’s legs are very slender, her stomach is flat, her bust also clearly feels quite cheerful. It is obvious that the swimsuit is not equipped with special effects, and this does not spoil the picture in any way.

But especially photographers were interested in the rear view. It turned out that the top model looks perfect there too: her buttocks are one hundred percent toned, and there are no hints of cellulite.

Apparently, Giselle belongs to that happy category of women who do not age. At least outwardly, this does not appear for a very long time.

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